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The implementation of resin floors is a modern and durable solution in the field of substrate finishing, which is becoming more and more popular. The scope of its application is very wide. Resin floors can be used both in private homes and in commercial institutions. In addition to being used as flooring in new buildings, resin flooring can be used as part of interior renovation and covering of old subfloors. There is nothing to prevent the use of resin floors in a set with underfloor heating.


Resin floors are a floor solution in which the base material is polyurethane or epoxy resin. The most important feature of such resins is the liquid state upon application. When spreading, they are fluid and, while maintaining a good condition of the substrate, they perfectly penetrate the gaps, fill in the defects in the substrate, cover unevenness and level the floor. After the assembly works are completed, these resins gain excellent durability and flexibility. The smoothness of such a floor is conducive to maintaining cleanliness, besides, they are characterized by chemical resistance, so to maintain order, you can use various types of cleaning agents without harming the floor.


  • thin-layer - used in private homes, where traffic and wear is low - floors are painted with resin paint
  • thick-walled, with a thickness of 1.5 to 4 millimeters - applicable in residential buildings with higher loads - kitchens, living rooms, toilets and bathrooms
  • thick-layer hardened with the content of quartz sand, which strengthens the floor's resistance to load - this type of flooring is ideal for rooms with high traffic, such as halls, halls and corridors
  • specialized mixtures with dedicated features (antistatic, additionally abrasion-resistant, non-slip and others)


We offer consultations on the use of an appropriate flooring. The choice of material depends on the conditions of use of the coating. It should be noted whether it is the outer surface, it will be exposed to invasive weather conditions or exposed to contact with chemicals. When selecting a solution, we also take into account water resistance properties and anti-slip parameters.

We carry out comprehensive works related to the application of resin floors, starting with the laying of the floor dedicated to the resin coating, specialist preparation of the substrate, waterproofing and maintenance works. Feel free to contact us for the valuation of solutions for you on the Contact us website. Contact us. We are also there for you at the following numbers: +48 660 824 999 or +48 501 288 080