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Concrete floors

Creating concrete floors is a vital construction process. The execution of concrete floors is a pivotal procedure in construction, greatly influencing the durability, functionality, and aesthetics of spaces. Numerous stages and factors contribute to the quality and efficiency of this process, with two crucial aspects being substrate preparation and the correct concrete pouring technique.


The initial step in the creation of durable concrete floors is proper substrate preparation. This entails the removal of any undesirable elements, such as old or damaged floors, and meticulous leveling of the surface. Subsequently, precise leveling and slope determination are necessary to ensure proper water drainage, which is essential in both residential and industrial buildings.


In the following stage of the process, the selection of an appropriate concrete mix, tailored to specific loads and flooring purposes, is crucial. After the concrete pour, thorough surface compaction and leveling using vibrating machines are vital to achieve the desired smoothness and durability. Optionally, the use of reinforcement, such as rods or mesh, significantly enhances the load-bearing capacity of the floor, especially in cases of heavy loads. The entire concrete curing process can last several weeks, during which the surface should be regularly moisturized and protected from excessive water evaporation using chemical agents or plastic film.


Concrete floors in residential buildings necessitate aesthetic finishing and thermal insulation. In the case of industrial buildings, concrete floors must withstand mechanical and chemical stresses. The incorporation of expansion joints helps prevent floor cracking due to concrete shrinkage. Regular maintenance and care for the floor are essential, particularly in public buildings. Contractors must adhere to quality standards and safety regulations related to concrete and construction work. Improperly executed concrete floors can lead to issues such as cracking, chipping, or surface irregularities. In industrial environments, it's vital to implement appropriate anti-slip solutions to ensure workplace safety and minimize accident risks. To achieve optimal results, it is advisable to seek the expertise of specialists in concrete floor installation. As Saskers, we possess years of experience in construction work, supported by numerous references..


Concrete floors in office and commercial buildings must not only be durable but also aesthetically pleasing. Adjusting the floor to meet acoustic requirements may be necessary in office buildings. The final appearance of the floor can be customized through techniques like polishing, staining, or applying decorative coatings. Technologies and materials used in concrete floor installation are continually advancing, enabling the achievement of increasingly superior aesthetic and functional results. As seasoned professionals in the industry, we remain up-to-date with materials and cutting-edge technologies.


We offer consultations regarding the selection of the appropriate flooring. The choice of material depends on the conditions of use of the coating. It is important to consider whether it is an outdoor surface or if it will be exposed to harsh weather conditions or in contact with chemicals. When selecting a solution, we also take into account water resistance properties and anti-slip parameters.

We provide comprehensive services related to the application of concrete floors, starting from laying the floor dedicated to the resin coating, Specialized substrate preparation, waterproofing, and maintenance work.

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