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Snow removal

The Saskers company provides professional snow removal services throughout Poland. We have many years of experience in clearing snow from flat and multi-pitched roofs, as well as non-standard constructions. We have cooperated in the field of snow removal with many large facilities such as PGE Narodowy, Lot Ams as well as private clients.
We carry out snow removal works in the field of:

  • snow removal from roofs
  • elimination of icicles and overhangs
  • prism and snow transport

We advise you not to underestimate snow removal from roofs - and entrust it to companies with experience and appropriate equipment. Snow on the roof is not only a huge load on the structure, especially when it starts to melt and is soaked with winter rain. This is primarily a threat to passers-by when sliding down uncontrollably. Very dangerous accidents are not uncommon when a lump of wet snow falls on someone from several meters. This can be prevented in advance by removing snow from the roof by employing specialists from Saskers.

Entrusting these works to professionals such as Saskers, in addition to the safety of passers-by and the property manager's peace of mind, guarantees a good condition of the roof after such treatments. Certainly, none of the residents wants to lose the Internet by breaking the cables when clearing snow or damaging the roofing, for example, snow guards, gutters or other roof elements. Snow removal from roofs is risky work, so it is best to entrust it to professionals. Saskers has experience in the use of climbing techniques - hard-to-reach roofs are not a problem for us.

See how we deal with work at height at this link.

Icicles and snow overhangs can occur in hard-to-reach places. In multi-storey tenement houses, a long stick and good intentions are not enough. If necessary, we have lifts and many years of experience in such work.

Please contact us directly for pricing the service.