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Magnetic steel ropes inspection - MRT

Steel cables play an incredibly vital role in steel structures, serving as load-bearing components and directly impacting the safety and durability of these constructions. Therefore, maintaining their ideal condition is not just important but absolutely crucial. It's worth understanding that the technical condition of steel cables can affect the entire structure, which is why regular inspections and servicing are indispensable. However, such tasks are often exceptionally demanding and may require the application of specialized techniques, including rope access methods.


Inspecting and servicing steel cables, especially those situated at great heights or in hard-to-reach locations, poses both logistical and technical challenges. In such cases, the use of rope access techniques is often necessary, further complicating the task. For SASKERS, a company specializing in high-altitude work and steel structure services, the challenge was to find an efficient and precise way to inspect and service steel cables without compromising the accuracy of these assessments.


SASKERS proudly presents innovative and proven solutions that facilitate inspections and servicing of steel cables, even in hard-to-access areas. Thanks to the application of advanced MRT (Magnetic Rope Testing) technology and our expertise in high-altitude work, we can carry out precise inspections and necessary repairs without risking a loss of accuracy or safety. Our solutions are revolutionizing the way steel cable inspections are conducted while ensuring consistent quality and effectiveness of examinations.

Why MRT?

As part of steel structure inspections, we conduct inspections of steel cables using Magnetic Rope Testing (MRT) equipment. The services for inspecting cables with MRT are carried out by SASKERS in collaboration with LRM-NDE Laboratory. The examination of cables using the LRM system provides valuable insights into their technical condition. Detecting weakened sections of cables is much easier with MRT technology. A significant advantage is the ability to conduct regular inspections to identify corroded, damaged, or completely severed elements before the structure suffers permanent damage or destruction.

What is wire rope testing - MRT?

A special measurement head with equipment is attached to the steel cable, and the inspection is initiated. This examination allows for the detection of longitudinal changes in the cable's cross-section due to corrosion and wear, as well as local changes, such as wire breaks, corrosion pits, and other forms of damage. The results of such tests are highly accurate and serve as excellent data for maintenance and repairs of steel structures relying on cables. Since magnetic technology is used to examine the cables, no corrosion protection coatings or lubricants have any impact on the accuracy of the inspection.

Check the wire ropes in your construction

The steel carrying ropes of the structure are very important elements. Due to work in changing weather conditions, steel ropes as an element of suspended structures are exposed to much faster wear. Their technical condition has a major impact on the continuous, failure-free operation and the safety of people using the facility. Therefore, the most important issue is an effective method of cable operation safety assessment.

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