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Membrane structures - repairs and inspections

SASKERS specializes in inspections and repairs of membrane structures. In the first stage of the order, we perform a detailed inspection of the technical condition of the roof. Then we proceed to carry out the necessary repairs and maintenance works. We guarantee the restoration of the membrane roofing to full efficiency and durability.

Structural roofing - what is it about

Membrane structures or roofs, otherwise known as structural roofs, is a technique of roofing with the use of membranes stretched on a special structure, most often made of metal. The membrane is made of PVC technical fabric coated with PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride). It is a durable, flexible and easy-to-form material. These features make it an ideal material for roofing with complex shapes resembling forms naturally occurring in nature or with very modern shapes giving the character of a covered building.

Membrane structures - future roofs

The basic features of structural roofs include high resistance to weather conditions with a relatively low weight. They perfectly protect against rain and wind, while transmitting light and protecting against harsh sun without too much darkening. They are easy to clean, do not mold and are resistant to ultraviolet radiation. It is not without significance that the membranes have self-cleaning properties, do not change size and are not flammable. The advantages of membrane structures are durability and resistance to weather conditions. Roofing with a membrane fabric on steel structures is an increasingly common method of roofing facilities, especially sports facilities, such as swimming pools, courts, sports halls and stadiums, as well as public facilities such as amphitheaters, outdoor stages, parking lots, railway stations and playgrounds.

How can we help you?

We offer a full range of renovation and maintenance works for membrane roofs, both for technical fabrics and for structures made of metal. We also carry out professional inspections of membrane structures using mountaineering methods and lifts. We have carried out inspections and repairs on the roof many times PGE Narodowy and other facilities, so we have experience.

Please contact us on the valuation of works range or consultation. You can call us and arrange the details: +48 660 824 999 or +48 501 288 080